Planning for Maine


Hikers on the Eastern Continental Trail transition between the Appalachian Trail and the International Appalachian Trail in Maine. The official trail organization responsible for the IAT in Maine has a good description of the trail in Maine. They have also put together a comprehensive guide for the trail in Maine. The most notable portions of the ECT here are the sections connecting AT and IAT, and the portion of the IAT on the border.

Between AT and the IAT

The AT's Northern Terminus is at Baxter Peak on Mount Katahdin, and the IAT's Southern Terminus is just outside the Eastern boundary of Baxter State Park, in the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. The path between the two is composed of the following trails (AT to IAT):

  • Knife's Edge Trail
  • Helon Taylor Trail
  • Katahdin Lake Trail
  • South Katahdin Lake Trail
  • Unnamed trail between Katahdin Lake Wilderness Cabins and East boundary logging road
From Baxter Peak heading to the IAT, the ECT follows the Knife's Edge to the East, continuing East on the Helon Taylor Trail to Roaring Brook Campground. From the campground, the trail is Roaring Brook Road South to Avalanche Parking Area. The Katahdin Lake and South Katahdin Lake trails lead to the South end of Katahdin Lake, where the Katahdin Lake Wilderness Cabins are. The final stretch to find the IAT is a little-maintained trail East of the cabins, which connects to a dirt road continuing East, through an old gate marking the edge of Baxter State Park. The Southern Terminus of the IAT is marked nearby. The IAT continues North on the road past Katahdin Brook Lean-to. See the ECT route for a complete interactive map.

On the Border

The IAT in Maine follows the border between the United States and Canada for a number of miles. Before arriving at this point, call the American Border Patrol and notify them in advance of the time to be spent hiking on the border. Stay in the border clearing and do not cross into Canada.