Planning for New Brunswick

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the Southernmost Canadian province on the Eastern Continental Trail. The trail South of Plaster Rock and North of Saint-Quentin is on ATV trails. The trail between these two towns is on the road. The provincial government withdrew all support for the IAT in 2002, and the trail organization is closed as of 2019.

Notable Towns

The towns with a grocery store which are right on the trail are Perth-Andover, Plaster Rock, and Kedgwick. Saint-Quentin and Campbellton are also close to the trail, Campbellton being the largest of the these.

Mount Carleton

On the Northern section of the roadwalk on NB-385, there is an entrance for Mount Carleton Provincial Park. The park is not on the Eastern Continental Trail, but it is the most notable place near the trail in New Brunswick. The Mount Carleton Trail visits the highest point in the province, but the trailhead is over 10 kilometers away from NB-385.